Cloud Based Picture Archiving and Communication System

Fastest cloud PACS in the world for radiological reporting. semPACS is ideally suited for large hospital networks, independent hospitals, small diagnostic centers and even privately practicing radiologists. We guarantee that semPACS will reduce your radiology management cost by at least 50%.

What is PACS?

PACS (picture archiving and communication system) is a medical imaging technology used primarily in healthcare organizations to securely store and digitally transmit electronic images and clinically-relevant reports. It offers interfacing with other medical automation systems such as a Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Eealth Record (EHR), and Radiology Information System (RIS).

Who uses PACS?

While radiologists have predominately used PACS -- radiology traditionally being the most prolific producer of X-ray images -- PACS technologies have been incorporated into other departments, such as nuclear medicine imaging, cardiology, pathology, oncology and dermatology.

Why to Use PACS?

PACS replaces the need for hard-copy films and management of physical archives. It allows for remote access, enabling clinicians in different physical locations to review the same data simultaneously. It also allows radiologists and other radiology and medical personnel to manage the workflow of patient exams. Once an image has been acquired onto PACS it cannot be lost, stolen, or misfiled.

Advantages & Benefits of semPACS


  • Improved access to past and current patient records.
  • File integrity and speed of retrieval.
  • Better diagnosis.
  • Reduced probability of legal obligation.
  • Collaboration with referring physician.
  • Start online reporting of own workplaces. We provide you software at most competitive price.

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Referring Physician

  • Better patient management/earlier intervention.
  • Better patient outcomel.
  • Reduced length of stay.
  • Reduced probability of legal obligation.
  • Collaboration with dignosing Radiologist.
  • See radiology images at your palm. We provide you software free of cost.

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Hospital / Dignostic Centre

  • Better communication with physicians and radiologists.
  • Better administration.
  • Image presentation for traininig and evaluation.
  • Significant (30%-40%) Cost Reduction.
  • No cost for Server, its space and maintenance.

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  • Reduced inconvenience for examinations and re-examinations.
  • Reduced radiation exposure.
  • Shorter waiting times.
  • Less need of retakes ensures reduced radiation exposure.
  • Reduced chance of adverse reaction to contrast agents.

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Tele-Radiology Entrepreneur

  • We provide teleradiology infrastructure for interested entrepreneurs.
  • Number of diagnostic centres is not an issue.
  • Can engage radiologists from own panel or use ours.
  • Most competitive price in the world.
  • 0 to minimum initial investment.

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Medical Image Cloud Archiving

  • We provide world's best encrypted and secured digital archive.
  • Most competitive price in the world for image archiving.
  • Unlimited storage for unlimited time with no downtime of server.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • Efficient portability.

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Why semPACS is World's Best Cloud PACS?

  • +   Most secured that ensures medical data privacy.
  • +   Image acquisition maintaining DICOM standard. HIPAA and HL-7 Compliant .
  • +   Interfacing with HIS, EHR, RIS and mobile app. Vendor Neutral Archiving (VNA).
  • +   Best in its class for Teleradiology operation.
  • +   Not a single minute downtime of server in last 5 years. Integrated disaster recovery.
  • +   Customizable templates creation and storing for reporting.
  • +   Only software providing realtime Radiologist-Referring physician collaboration.
  • +   Advanced image tools like MPR, MIP, 3D Rendering. Zero Footprint Viewer.
  • +   Only software providing realtime Radiologist-Referring physician collaboration.
  • +   Comprehensive dashboard for administrative, accounting and tracking purposes.

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Positive Feedback


Radiology Services

I have been working with Semion for last two years.
I found the semPACS software is extremely easy to use and very rich in features.
I feel safe to work with Semion. I am confident on their ethical value and transperency they maintain in online reporting. I wish them very good luck for their efforts.

Dr. Shefaul Huq

Professor, Radiology & Imaging, Former Head of Department, Sher-e-Bangla Medical College, Bangladesh

I have started working with Semion as Radiologist before about two years.
They allocated works for me as per my convenience. I am comfortable to work online and maintain family. .
I feel very comfortable to work with them. I found most accurate and trusted financial remuneration against my work. The software is very convenient.

Dr. Tarana Yasmin

Former Associate Professor, Radiology & Imaging, Enam Medical College, Bangladesh

I have been working with Semion from the beginning of their venture to develop PACS software.
I can only say that I feel honoured to inject major inputs in the software from the radiologist's point of view.
These people are very passionate to develop systems those help both doctors and patients. Today the Cloud PACS system is extraordinary in its class.

Dr. S.M. Obaedul Huq Sazal

Associate Professor, Radiology & Imaging, North-East Medical College, Bangladesh