The Telemedicine App

Doctor video consultancy and records management app. The app allows doctors to run their practice virtually. Patients can search, set apointment and consult with their favorite doctor. Works both in Laptop & Mobile .


Doctor's Consultation

Consult a Doctor using your mobile through both Audio and Video calls.


Get free consultation for COVID patients.

Book Appointments

Book your Doctor's appointment as per your convenience lying on a couch.


Virtual Chamber

Create your virtual chamber with semDoc. Select convenient time of consultation. Get a free virtual assistant. No contact sharing with patient.

Unlimited Patient Record

Keep track of all the consultation. Unlimited data is preserved permanently on cloud.Use data for publication for further career.


Accurate billing information. Generate digital prescription on the app. Physician-Radiologist consultation through app.

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Service through 'semDoc'

We listed semDOC i.e. the telemedicine app since April 21. We are proud to serve the community with maximum satisfaction.


We are happy to serve people.

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Positive Feedback


Radiology Services

semDOC is a very user friendly app for the Doctors.
I see my patients easily with the app seeing video and hearing audio.
The software providers are very helpful and passionate to hear any problems I am facing.

Dr. A K S Zahid Mahmud Khan

Assistant Professor, Cardiology, NICVD, Bangladesh

Maintainig patient's schedule is extra ordinary.
Semion provides virtual assistant for my practice.
Never faced any problem for refund of consultation fee.

Dr. Nazia Naureem Jishan

Medical Officer, BCS, Pediatrics, Bangladesh

I follow-up my patients in Bangladesh from Newyork, USA using semDOC app.
The process is very easy. Semion only varifies doctors before starting the consultation.
That takes a day or so. But once I started I feel safe and comfortable with Semion for my practice.

Dr. Mohammed Shafiul Alam

Consultant, Diabetologist & Endocrinologist, Ex-BIRDEM